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1. How to access to the website of China Resources C'estbon Beverage (China) Co., Ltd.?

You should input (the website’s domain name) in the address bar,and it is recommended to set this website as Homepage or add it to Favorites for easy use.

 2. What kind of browser and screen resolution can meet the browsing needs?

It is recommended to use IE6.0 browser or above with 1024×768 resolution or above to browse this website.

 3. How to retrieve website content and information?

You only need to input the key words in the search box on the top right corner of the page of this website, and click " " button for retrieval.

 4. How to save the web page?

You can click the "File" menu and select "Save As", and select the type of saving as needed.

5. How to add the current web page to the Favorites?

You only need to click "Favorites - Add to Favorites" in the web browser, modify the saving name of the web page and click "OK".

6. How to subscribe the news update on the website?

This website provides RSS subscription function to help you learn the real-time updates of the website of China Resources C'estbon Beverage (China) Co., Ltd. You can choose "RSS Subscription" button at the bottom of each page as needed to enter the corresponding page.

 7. How to adjust the font size when browsing the web page?

The fine view pages of news of this website provide the news browsing methods of different font sizes. After entering the fine view pages of news, you can click "Font: [Large] [Middle] [Small]" under the text title to adjust the font browse size.

 8. How to deal with unreadable codes of web pages?

In case of unreadable codes of web pages, you can check the browser's "Coding" setting and make sure "UTF-8" is selected.

9. How to get in touch with this website?

If you encounter problems when browsing the website, or have any comment and suggestion for this website, please feed it back to us through "Online Message".

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